Alpaca Knitwear

At C\V, we love alpacas. As a conscious fashion brand, we do our best to off you the most sustainable and ethical production, paying lot of attention to our partners and animal welfare. 

Why is our alpaca production sustainable?

Our alpaca knitwear is made using fair trade practices with a co-operative of farmers and artisans in the Bolivian highlands. Alpaca farming is completely safe and natural for the environment. The animals are not harmed during the shearing process. C\V's alpaca collection is created with a hand-knitting machine and hand stitched together at the seams. The wool is cleaned with biodegradable detergents and dyed with eco-friendly dyestuffs. As a result, it is natural and highly suitable for sensitive skin. Last but not least, it's 100% made with love. Find out more about on our page production partners in Bolivia.