Corvera Vargas is a Berlin label that combines contemporary style with handcrafted quality. The label was founded in 2013 by Maria Corvera, a Kreuzberg local who grew up in Bolivia before settling in Berlin. Her label’s unique style brings together timeless designs and high quality fabrics to create enduring pieces with a playful touch. 


At Corvera Vargas we design and produce our collections with a focus on reducing waste from the fashion industry. We source our materials by working with traders who visit German fashion houses and bring us a selection of production left overs and remnants. By working with these fabrics we are able to create 95% of our designs with materials that would otherwise be discarded as waste.


Often we can only source a small amount of fabrics, sometimes as little as two meters or as much as two rolls, which makes it difficult for us to plan collections ahead of time. Because of these limitations we produce a small range of pieces with the latest collection of materials every two weeks. This way of working is particularly laborious for us but we welcome the challenge of designing with this varying supply of fabrics as it allows us to create unique pieces and evolve our collection regularly with changing seasons.


Fairness and transparency are core principles at Corvera Vargas. This means we work hard to build personal relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers to be able to have confidence in the quality of our materials and pleased with the conditions in which our collections are made. 


With each design cycle we focus on refining the finer details of our cuts to work with our ever-changing materials. In addition, Corvera Vargas regularly collaborates with local labels and international producers. From these influences, the CV style is an elegant mix of impressions that Maria and her team get from the streets of Berlin as well as the typical, colourful Latin American fabrics that she brings directly from her home-country.