Production Partners


Alpaca Knitwear


Coproca is an independent enterprise which involves over 1,200 alpaca breeding families from rural communities in the Bolivian highlands. Their workshop was established in El Alto more than 20 years ago where they make it their objective to preserve the culture and arts of the craftsmen and craftswomen whilst bringing prosperity to the local communities.


Great care is taken in the processing and production of their wool to ensure it retains the natural properties that make alpaca wool so exceptional. The raw materials are brought to the factory in El Alto where it is sorted, cleaned and combed to leave 100% pure Alpaca wool of the highest quality. This is then spun and dyed using eco-friendly dyestuffs 


We collaborate with Coproca and La Paz based Bolivian / Canadian designer Cintia to realise our Alpaca designs. Cintia connects with artisans Zacharias and Angelica who use Coproca wool to knit our collection of pullovers at their El Alto studio. The production is 100% in the hands of indigenous Aymara and Quechua people.